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COVID-19 / Postage Update

August 1st 2020

Hi everyone!

I hope you are all doing good! I am still carrying on with the shop as normal and continuing to make beautiful things and fulfil orders!

The postal service is still open as a key part of our society, however there are still social distancing measures and restrictions in place. I am limiting my post runs and amount of orders I am taking with me (max. 10-12 packages a trip) just to relieve the strain on those methods enforced at my local post office, and ensure I'm out of the house for as little time possible. 

Please be patient with delivery times - I am doing my upmost to get orders out as quickly as possible in the safest way for myself and others. It is just me running the shop with no help. I walk to my local post office and don't drive, so I carry as much as I can (imagine a packhorse, hahaha). I am taking every precaution to be a safe business.

If you are ordering during Market Night (1st of the month) please allow up to *14 working days* for your dispatch email. I get a high volume of orders during this time and need to manage my postage trips appropriately and safely.  Orders placed outside of Market Night will be integrated into my postage trips as normal.

UK Royal Mail is operating with slight delays. International Post has delays understandably - but items are still being accepted & delivered successfully.

If anyone has any worries, queries or needs someone to talk to - please feel free to email me, or contact me via the social links at the bottom of the website. 

Take care & stay safe.
Lots of love
Susan xo